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From SGN: set up your each pop to rescue baby pandas! associate degree evil Old World monkey has abducted & cornered precious panda pups within the jungle. Strategically burst matching bubbles to assist beat him & come the cubs to their troubled mother!Work your manner through more and more difficult levels and use the ability of the weather to assist you in your quest. Bubble-bursting powerups can assist you free the pups mix them for even larger effect! FEATURES:- 600+ levels with unambiguously difficult obstacles- superb arsenal of powerups & combos- Special options to spice up your bubble- beautiful graphics & endearing animations- Addicting pace & pleasing progressionPLUS:- hook up with Facebook & play with friends!- relish special rewards & events all the time!- set seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms!LIKE: On Facebook to induce the newest news and rewards!FOLLOW: @SGNgamesSUPPORT: Note! whereas Panda Pop is unengaged to play and luxuriate in, some in-game things and functions is is purchased for real cash. If you do not need this selection enabled, please disable in-app purchases. INFO:SGN is that the leading developer in actually cross-platform social gaming! Chart-topping hits embrace Cookie Jam, Sugar Smash: Book of Life, Juice Jam, Paint Monsters, so several more! where you’re, acquire and play these days.

What’s new during this version:

Pop over to Sandy Sphinx and facilitate Mama Panda save her babies! Update currently and find able to travel Egypt for these new levels! Features:- A fresh world and twenty levels to explore! – be careful for the balloon obstacle! transfer the newest version to access new content!

Note: The transfer button opens the iTunes App Store, wherever you will continue the transfer method. you need to have iTunes put in with a vigorous iTunes account so as to transfer and install the code. This transfer might not be accessible in some countries.

some comments:
This is my favorite game. i’m obsessed. To the purpose wherever my nipper asked “are you taking part in Panda Pop again???” LOL it is so fun and that i love the challenge of deciding the puzzles in time to save lots of all the baby pandas. I particularly like that you simply do not have to pay a dime on the sport to resolve the puzzles. Be forewarned tho’, you wish patience as you advance through the sport. a number of those puzzles square measure dang robust.

Extremely fun game!!! don’t obtain coins during this game! it’ll freeze up whereas its “working” (aka lose your coins once it takes your money) they Dont provide refunds on coins at Amazon, therefore you simply virtually throw away money! it’ll provide you with your coins concerning third or fourth purchase. i attempted to provide the sport an opportunity with my cash, however I even have lost concerning $20.00 during this game as a result of I ne’er received them. however its still a fun game, simply Dont pay cash on that

Panda Pop could be a free game with in-app purchase choices that definitely can create play easier or quicker for those that need to modify those choices. i started taking part in on Tuesday via suggestion from my husband WHO seldom suggests games. he’s into Eve, tender Arkham Asylum, Final Fantasy; He conjointly digs easier gambling to relax. So he, on a whim, found this game. He was on level twenty eight once he told Pine Tree State concerning it. Our gambling tastes square measure quite completely different sometimes, however i made a decision to appear it up anyway as a result of he told Pine Tree State one or two things being: 1) the name of the sport, 2) the amount he was on once he told Pine Tree State, and 3) he thought it’d a cinch to play-mindless fun that is fast….he stressed however difficult it had been. i’m glad I did. initially it appeared terribly basic and boring, however i used to be wrong. It’s something however. i am unable to quit it. I even have been sick with respiratory disorder and high fevers in the week and this game has created time period tolerable fun. My husband aforementioned earlier nowadays he has replayed levels various times as a result of he refuses to get in-app offers. this may create it easier however less difficult to him in his opinion. He very likes challenges! I presently am at level twenty i feel. get able to play once more once rating. The graphics square measure cute and that i just like the helps as long as square measure free. There square measure free helps within the game that recharge quickly. They incorporates buster bombs as a part of the balls that get popped and can sprout vines destroying various balls overhead. There square measure vascular plant pod balls that you simply toss and can sprout vines and destroy balls overhead. A COOL feature permits the mix of mistreatment the vascular plant pod ball being tossed to the vascular plant pod already on top of and create a double breadth and height of vascular plant busters. The water ball clears entire rows. and therefore the a lot of levels you play the a lot of helps you get, that is a given. however they permit the helps ANy|to any or all} mix along for an earth shattering kaboom! It’s nice and if you go check it out you will not be sorry.

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